ABATE of Kansas Labor Day Rally Press Release

From ABATE of Kansas, President Jon Puckett and the Board of Directors
The ABATE of Kansas Annual National Labor Day Rally held on Labor Day weekend is still on. We are 100% planning the rally, bands are booked,vendors are coming and we are ready to have a hell of a bash for our 45th year.
The rally is five months away and we hope the virus will have run much of its course. Our board will continue to assess the situation. To receive the most accurate updates we encourage people to follow us on our ABATE of Kansas Facebook page.
Celebrating our 45th in the year of 2020, we don’t take the danger of this disease lightly. We are here to stay and plan to have our rally and make the best use of knowledge between now and then to keep our guests safe and our freedoms intact.
ABATE of Kansas, Inc.
Board of Directors
April 24, 2020

What Is ABATE?

ABATE is a neutral organization that allows all motorcycle riders and motorcycle enthusiasts to unite in a brotherhood to safeguard our rights and still be individuals with different views. ABATE is not a club, it is classified as a lobbyist organization.

ABATE of Kansas is a state motorcyclist’s rights organization (SMRO) composed of motorcycle riders and enthusiasts throughout the state. Putting motorcycle legislation in its proper prospective is our main objective. This is accomplished through safety education programs, public awareness programs and other proposals designed to prevent fatal or injury accidents.

ABATE of Kansas, Inc. is organized NOT for profit, and the nature of its business or purposes to be conducted or promoted is charitable and educational: To foster, promote and encourage safe motorcycling in the State of Kansas and elsewhere. To engage in educational programs and other promotional activities in order to educate the public as to motorcycle safety and motorcycling in general. To encourage and stimulate public interest in motorcycling and to be an advocate for the interests of motorcyclists and motorcycling.