Lobbyist Report: May 2018

Never ending change and chaos continues in Washington and in the White House. The President
wants to pull out of the Iran nuclear deal, and his recommendations for cabinet level positions
are under scrutiny. It does appear that he will be meeting with the dictator of North Korea, so
with South Korea’s support perhaps there will be an official end to the Korean war. The threat
of tariffs and a possible trade war has Kansas grain, livestock, and aircraft producers pretty
worried, but no resolution has been explored so we’ll just have to see what happens.
The Kansas Legislature adjourned on April 7 th and came back into session on April 26th. Sine
die was on May 4 th so they are officially adjourned for the year, unless the Kansas Supreme
Court rules that the education funding is insufficient or inequitable, which could result in a
session in June.
Four bills of interest to motorcyclists in Kansas were SB274, SB99, HB2194, and HB2188.
SB274, the original “Negligent Driving,” bill, was unfortunately was not worked by the end of
March, so we’ll have to get it introduced again in the 2019 legislative session. This bill will
replace the right of way bill that ABATE has supported for many years, but has never gained any
traction in the legislature. SB99, the hands free driving bill, was not worked so it is dead this
year. Our motorcycle licensing bill passed and was signed by Governor Colyer, and will go into
effect on July 1 st . If you have a chance to contact Senator Peterson and Representative Proehl to
thank them (and their respective Transportation Committee members) for their support I would
encourage you to do so.
Senator Mike Peterson:
Phone: 785-296-7355 Email: Mike.Petersen@senate.ks.gov
Representative Richard Proehl
Phone: 785 296-7639 Email: richard.proehl@house.ks.gov
The Motorcycle Awareness Proclamation signing was on April 23 rd , 10 AM, at the Capitol.
Thanks to everyone who attended.
Please join the MRF (Motorcycle Riders Foundation) and the American Motorcyclists
Association (AMA), to stay abreast of what happens on the national front. The Bikers on the
Beltway event will be in Washington in May, with Robin and Bill attending again. Coop’s MRF
report is in the newsletter, please be sure to read it. September is the Meeting of the Minds in
Denver, and of course we will have the MID-South MILE in Oklahoma in October.
While elections for state offices are a few months away, declared candidates are beginning to
establish their positions on various issues. Listen carefully to what they say, as you’ll be asked
to vote for a candidate for the party in which you are declared in the primary elections. And if
you have not registered to vote, DO SO! It is our responsibility to elect our representatives, and
we can’t do that if we do not register to vote.
As always, please contact me with your legislative concerns and also your legislative contacts. It
is always nice to be introduced to a legislator by someone who has a relationship with that
person. My contact information is in the newsletter.

Steve Christenberry, Lobbyist
ABATE of Kansas