Lobbyist Report: September 2018

Wow, was July a brutal month with the primary elections scheduled for August 7th. The candidate name calling got pretty brutal as the month of July went along. I stalled a bit in writing the July report as I wanted to include the major election results. I will report what is known, but as you should be aware the Republican gubernatorial results have yet to be finalized, and there are still 8000 provisional ballots that have to be reviewed. It is an extremely tight race, and demonstrates that every vote counts. Laura Kelly easily won the Democratic race for governor. In US House District 1 it will be Roger Marshall (R) against In the US House District 2 it will be Steve Watkins(R) against Paul Davis (D). In the US House District 3 it will be Sharice Davids (D) against Kevin Yoder (R). The US House District 4 race will include Rep. Ron Estes (R) against James Thompson (D). The Secretary of State race will include Scott Schwab (R). The Kansas Insurance Commissioner race will include Vickie Schmidt (R). All the Kansas House of Representative positions were up for election, but there are far too many to list here. The preliminary results are listed on the Secretary of State website if you want to look up your Kansas House District results. Note that these election results are preliminary until final canvassing is completed. Once the results are finalized we can expect another round of media commercials. Greg Orman, an unaffiliated candidate for Governor, has already begun advertising. He had to get petitions signed in order to run for the office, and those numbers still need to be verified. He needed at least 5000 people who are eligible to sign the petition. He appears to be confident that he has the required numbers since he is already advertising for the general election in November.
If you did not get registered to vote before the primaries, it is still not too late to register to vote in the General Election. October 16th is the last day you can register.
While there are some ideas about bills in the 2019 legislative session being considered it is premature to do too much work on them, at least on the House side since we won’t know who is elected until November. We’ll definitely be working with the bicycle community again on the negligent driving bill, so I’ll be communicating with them in the coming months to formulize a plan to get the bill reintroduced. If any of you have suggestions for other bills by all means let me know.
Please investigate your House Representative candidates so you can make an informed decision at the November 6th elections.

Steve Christenberry, Lobbyist
ABATE of Kansas