Lobbyist Report: January 2023

The Kansas legislature 2023-2024 sessions as of January 9th 2023 at 2pm

The date has been set for our legislative day at the state capitol.

The date is January 31st. From 9am till 3pm. On the 2nd floor Rotunda. ABATE of Kansas will be there of course. The MRF will be sending Rocky Fox, lobbyist from Washington DC to join us. Kansas COC will also be there as their chair Jimbo will be speaking. Bretz Injury Law will also be there, and provide lunch for those that speak with their legislators. Please make an appointment with you legislators ahead of time. They will always take time to visit with you on your thoughts and concerns. This our time to shine as an organization and protect our rights as a motorcyclists. Please put this on your calendar. I hope to see each and everyone of you there

We as ABATE of Kansas are again going to pursue profiling bill, right away violations bill, renewable fuels labeling and dispensing at the pump, and the legal definition of a motorcycle.

In Kansas the operation of a motorcycle is statute 8-1594. A person shall ride upon a motorcycle only while sitting astride a the seat, facing forward with one leg on each side of the motorcycle. This subsection shall not apply to any person riding within an auto-cycle.

Statute 8-126 Registration of Vehicles Number (X) Motorcycle means every motor vehicle Including Auto-cycles designed to travel on not more than 3 wheels in contact with the ground.

Auto-cycles are not motorcycles. You do not even have to have a M endorsement on your Kansas drivers license. All accident statistics involving auto-cycles are lumped into the motorcycle statistics. Which is not fair to us.

On the 10th of January, Tammy, Doyle P. and myself went to the state capitol. We already had appointments schedules with several legislators. Our 1st stop was with Rep. Jason Probst. He is one of Tammy and I’s local legislators and is always eager to visit with us and help.. We discussed with him about our concerns on the definition of a motorcycle. He was interested in learning more. Our next stop was Senator Jeff Pittman. We visited with him on Motorcycle Profiling. We gave him lots of information locally in Kansas and at the federal level. He was very much interested In HR 366 at the federal level and that we had acquired all four of Kansas Federal representatives to sign on. He agreed to help sponsor a bill for us on Motorcycle profiling. Our next stop was Senator Rick Kloos. He also agreed to help cosponser a bill with Senator Pittman. This is a accomplishment to have 2 Senators across the isle to work this together on a bipartisan level. Hopefully we will have a bill number by the time this newsletter is printed. Our next stop was with Representative Leo Delperdang. He was the Representative from the Wichita area that gave the speech at last years MILE. We had an appointment with him. Upon arriving we learned he had another legislative concern to take care of and he was unable to meet with us. Tammy and I are planning to go back to the capitol on January the twentieth. Hopefully we can meet with him then. We would like to visit with him on our legislative agenda for 2023. Representative Delperdang is a ABATE of Kansas Member and a motorcycle rider.

I will try and keep everyone informed on our progress.


Tony Railsback
Vice President
ABATE of Kansas